Life in Motion

Dear Dale,

Just got back from my 3-Day cruise to Ensenada. Well, I got back on Monday around noon, and today is Wednesday.  I think I told you that I was going with Kim L. and Sue T. We had a great time. My knees were a huge issue. I was in pain for the entire trip. Wasn’t easy maneuvering around the ship.  The last day, Sunday, I got seasick. The ocean was very rough and the waves were high.  All in all, we enjoyed ourselves.

The seas isn’t the only thing rough in my life right now. Bills are piling up – or so they seem. I just get finished paying them and the next bill comes in. Edison is a real concern right now. I’m behind and even with the payment plan they’ve devised, I’m still unable to pay them.

The business is going through a rough patch right now as well.  I’m just not excited about social media anymore and am very tired of trying to keep up with the latest and greatest online tool or new feature.  I’m failing in the marketing end of business because I’m not passionate about what I do anymore.  This morning I connected with a gal who does what I do and as it turns out, she’s not good – or comfortable – with marketing herself.  We’ve been trying to connect via the phone for months, but it’s always one thing or the other either on her end or mine. Anyway, we’re going to be a perfect fit for each other.  I’ll be better able to market the business knowing that I have someone who likes doing social media, and is up on the whole thing – something in which I am falling behind.

But once again, life is in motion.  I’ve always known that I have a book inside of me, but I just wasn’t sure what it was.  The night before the cruise my brain was churning and churning around. The book title just rang out – “Through the Eyes of a Widow”. The book would be about the experiences, feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc, I’ve had since you passed away. Dealing with your passing, the kids moving in, moving on with my business, dating, friends,  work, and all the other things that happen to me and I had to deal with since you’ve been gone.

I want to help others move past the grief. Sure, I know that there are a lot of books out there helping people get over their grief. I’ve read a couple of excerpts from some. Problem is that these authors write books without considering their readers.  During one excerpt, I had to look up 3 words – from only the first page!!!  Why can’t people write in plain English?  And that’s what I want to do. Write from the heart without any complicated thoughts and words.  My book will be for the average person – not the physiologist or therapist…or the uppity ups and their $10 words. Oh, and many of the books are written by professionals who never even experienced losing a spouse first hand. No one can come close to understanding the feelings that we have unless they’ve gone through it.

So, what do you think? Does it sound like a good idea?  Send me a sign… and I’ll move forward with this new adventure.  Hmmm, and just in case I miss the sign, I’ll probably do it anyway. LOL

Sweet Dreams My Love,

Eydie :)

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Eydie Stumpf, Grief Mentor, helping widows and widowers resolve their grief through writing. WordPress website designer and blogger. View all posts by Eydie

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