Be My Guide

Dear Dale, my life used to be so clear. I had you, I had a business that was doing well, I knew where I was going. Since you’ve passed away I’ve been so confused, so alone, and so unclear as to what I want to do with my life.

While you were alive, social media was so exciting to me. Not so much anymore. So many more people are doing what I’m doing, and most are doing better than me. Actually, at this point I’m not doing it well at all. There are changes every day to the way we use Social Media, new systems, and so much more. I’m feeling left out. I can’t keep up. I’m tired of all of this. It gets more difficult every day. Writing my column and blog are becoming a chore. I almost don’t want to do it anymore.

And now I’m at a loss as what to do.

This is what I was thinking this morning. Maybe I should quit the whole social media thing as a business, and use what I know for a new passion….helping other widows and widowers through their grief. Not as a grief counselor, of course. I don’t have the credentials for that. But through a new blog, and maybe some speaking gigs. I think I’d be good at it. What do you think?

Need to think more. I need to figure out how to made money with this. I’ll look for a sign from you. Please guide me, Dale. You were always my guide hen you were alive… I need you to be my guide right now.

Sweet Dreams My Love,

Eydie :)

About Eydie

Eydie Stumpf, Grief Mentor, helping widows and widowers resolve their grief through writing. WordPress website designer and blogger. View all posts by Eydie

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